About Me

Hi my name is Lorenzo Bahadur and i am a 3D modelling enthusiast.
I like to create creatures and hardsurface scifi robots.
With every new design i always try to challenge myself and to learn new tools and techniques.

With a little 10 years of professional work experience as a 3d artist i had the pleasure to work for several studios in the Netherlands. The work i did varied from creating characters, props, Particle effects, Arch visualisation, Lookdev, lighting and rendering stuff. For in depth info about my work experience you can visit my linkedin page.

In 2016 i co-founded Primetech-VR. A full service dev studio and outsource partner with a broad range of specialties in creating content for videogames ,movies, archvis and Virtual reality.

For more info about Primetech-VR visit: www.primetech-vr.com

Companies i work(ed) for:

Playlogic game factory, Xform games, XVR Simulation, Filmmore, Postpanic Pictures, Zoho Studio, De Beeldenfabriek, Colorbleed, House of Secrets and Force Field VR