In the aptly named racing game ‘Retrograde Racer’, the player takes a seat behind the wheel of a flashy sports car, driving it through a futuristic landscape filled with robo-skeletons, lifesize lightshards and neon-lit skyscrapers. On the pulsing beat of the soundtrack, the player picks up boosts and points, that tally up to a highscore, true to the arcade-game as a medium.

Taking inspiration from multiple Muse videos, this game is soundtracked by “The Dark Side.”


‘Spaceship Defender’ is a shooter game, where the player finds themselves in the cockpit of a spaceship. When the ship is thrown out of warp speed due to an unknown emergency, the player is tasked to investigate the cause.
Taking a look on the deck of the ship, it’s obvious what the cause is: an onslaught of furry critters!
The player has no choice but to eradicate these ferocious pests and buy some time until the warp drive is ready for use again.

The critters that are attacking the ship will be familiar to MUSE fans from the music video for ‘Pressure’ that came out earlier, the same song that is propelling the player forward during the game.

Simulation Theory | VR Games
Production – House of secrets
Agency – Listen
Art direction – Arjan van Meerten
Technical lead – Sven Neve, Bas Tossings
Producer – Daniëlle de Jonge
Senior programmer – Michael Lam
3D Artist – Koen Koopman, Lorenzo Bahadur
Sound designer – Arjen Schut, Ramon Kerstens
Animator – Ruud Renting
Concept artist – Wouter Gort

Read more about this project in an interview with the band members, here: